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Start with a free consultation from JK Healthcare

A free consultation leads the journey to a healthful partnership with J&K Healthcare Services, also known as JK Healthcare . This New York-based brand takes on a personalized approach to professional and caring service. The free consultation, extended to all interested parties, provides a personal goal-oriented plan. It begins the process of gaining assistive service from JK Healthcare and service that is customized to each patient as well as caregiver. Consultations are provided in the home or at a potential patient’s facility. This also helps a caregiver identify any present obstacles or living arrangement difficulties that may factor into the personalized care plan. For example, a specific model of shower may make bathing on one’s own increasingly challenging as health deteriorates. JK Healthcare can note this possible roadblock in care and address it with the prepared plan by adding bathing assistance to the patient’s needs. JK Healthcare offers a vast variety of services to p